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Whole Beans or Ground?

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We ship your whole bean coffee in sealed 1 lb. Valve Bags that keep your coffee fresh for months. We can also ship your coffee in 2lb. and 5lb. sealed bags by Special Request. We prefer not to grind for online sales to keep the flavors intact during shipping but we are happy to grind your coffee upon Special Request if you so desire.

How much comes in a single bag?

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Most of our coffee sold online is for full 1lb bags, however we offer 2lb and 5lb bags by Special Request for shipping.

We sell standard 12oz. bags in select stores around the Olympic Peninsula.

Do you sell organic coffee?

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Yes. All of our coffee is 100% certified organic.


Do you have any other merchandise for sale?

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Yes, we will be adding cups, clothing, and other merch to our online store soon so check back!

NOTE: Merch is currently available for sale at our Coffee House.

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